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Split Time

The back to hog split time is the time that the rocks takes to go from the back line to the hog line.

The hog to hog split time is the time that the rocks tales to go from the first hog line to the second hog line. 

Rock Rotation

Angular velocity (top right), is how fast the rock is spinning at your release. 

Rotations is an estimate of the number of times the rock will rotate assuming there are no collisions with other rocks and no sweeping. 

Line of Delivery

The Line of Delivery tells you about how straight you delivered the rock. It does not tell you if you hit the broom. The four numbers represent your deviation from the straight path at various times during your delivery. 


Push / Pull

The push-pull impact tells you how your push or pull on the rock influenced your split time. On this screen, you have the back to hog split time as well as the True split time, which is what your split had been had you not pushed or pulled the rock at all.

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