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INTELLISPORTS INC. and Klutch Curling (hereinafter “Klutch Curling“) knows that the protection of your privacy and your personal information is important to you. This Privacy Policy, describes the types of information collected from you through the website (the “Website”), the Klutch Curling application (the “App”), the Klutch Curling connected devices or otherwise, how it is used, and the disclosure of such information to third parties.

By using the Website available or the App, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and to this Privacy Policy. Please review the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy carefully. Through your use of the Website and the App, you are deemed to agree to the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions or with this Privacy Policy, please do not browse this Website or download and use the App.

The personal information we collect

A. The information disclosed by you

Klutch Curling only collects information you have agreed to provide us with. Klutch Curling collects information about you when:

  • Location data permissions are needed to allow Bluetooth discovery of the Klutch Curling connected devices;

  • You purchase products or services through us;

  • You create an online account;

  • You voluntarily contact us about questions, complaints, inquiries or requests;

  • You visit our Website or use the App;

  • You sign up to receive our information and promotional communications.

The information we collect will generally include your email address and Curling club name. We do not store any location data, we simply ask the user once in order to recommend the nearest Curling club. No payment information is stored in the App. 

Personal information related to your sports performance is also generated and collected through your Klutch Curling connected device.

When you use the Website or the App, we may also collect your device’s Internet Protocol address (IP address), your operating system and your web browser. In order to collect this type of information, we may use cookies. “Cookies” are small text files or records that are placed on your device to collect information about your activities on the Website or the App. Temporary cookies include an encrypted unique identifier that remains on your browser until you close your browser software or turn off your device, while persistent cookies include an encrypted unique identifier that remains on your browser after you close your browser software or turn off your device.

It is generally possible to erase cookies from your device’s hard drive, block them, or receive a warning before they are stored on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Blocking or deleting cookies will not render the services unusable, but the loss of the information stored in preference, advertising or session state cookies may make your experience less enjoyable, as you be treated as a distinct person and will need to select your preferred settings each time you use the App or Website. However, process cookies, session state cookies and security cookies cannot be blocked as they are essential for ensuring that the accounts and sessions function properly. Even if they cannot be blocked without affecting your ability to use the services, these cookies are of a temporary nature; accordingly they will disappear when browser software are closed or devices are turned off. 

B. The information obtained from third parties

We may sometimes collect information from third parties with or without your consent. We only do so when authorized by law, from third parties who are also authorized by law to disclose such information, or in the following circumstances:

  • E-stores: when you download the App via an online store (such as the App Store or the Google Store) some personal information required for the successful download of the App will be received and treated by Apple or Google.

  • Google Analytics: Google analytics will collect data about your interactions with our services, Website and App. In order to do so, Google Analytics will place codes, allowing Google Analytics to see which information was consulted, the browser used, device and operating device used. The information collected will then be processed, and will be updated when you interact again with our services, Website and App.


How we use the information we collect

We use your personal information for a variety of purposes including:

  • To deliver the products and services you purchase, for invoicing and to process payment;

  • To allow the creation, maintenance and update of your online account;

  • To contact you and respond to your questions or inquiries;

  • To collect and compile statistics related to your sports performance with connected devices;

  • To connect you with other users of the Website and the App;

  • With your consent, to geolocate you so you can interact with other users of the Website and the App;

  • To customize our Website to your preferences, including as to advertising;

  • To collect and compile statistics of your use of our Website and our App in order to improve our services, our Website and our App;

  • With your consent, to send you electronic communications about our offers, new products and services; if you no longer wish to receive any such communications, you can use the unsubscribe mechanism provided in each of the electronic communications you receive or  contact us as set forth hereunder.

  • To meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

Sharing information

We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent. However, de-identified information (namely personal information from which an individual’s name or other identifier has been removed, so that the information can no longer be linked to that individual)  about users of the Website, the App or Klutch Curling connected devices may be used, sold and shared by us on an aggregated basis for statistical, research or marketing purposes, without restriction as the law does not impose restrictions on the use and disclosure of such information.

We may share your personal information with:

  • Other users: to the extent that you consent to such disclosure, we will share with other users of the Website and the App your profile information, sports performance statistics and content you upload and provide us with through the Website, the App or any social networking page (for example Facebook, Google+, etc.).

  • Service providers: we may share your personal information with service providers to perform certain technological or administrative services, on a need-to-know basis. Our service providers include hosting providers, payment services providers, order shipping services, click stream data services for the Website, identification services providers, etc. These service providers are contractually bound by the same privacy requirements that apply to us. You acknowledge that if service providers provide services from other countries, your personal information may be processed and stored in these countries.

  • Business partners: we may share your profile information and sports performance statistics with our business partners who offer products and services that complement Klutch Curling services, provided that you agree to such disclosure.

  • Parties in the context of a business transaction or corporate reorganization: we may share your personal information with these parties only to the extent that this information is necessary and such disclosure will be made in compliance with the law.

  • Other third parties when authorized or required by law: we may also share your personal information with other third parties, when authorized or required by law.

You acknowledge that our service providers as well as other parties with whom your personal information may be shared may be located in jurisdictions or countries where the privacy laws may allow or require the disclosure of personal information under additional circumstances than those described herein, and accordingly governmental authorities or other entities may be entitled to access personal information in situations that are not contemplated under this privacy policy.

Withdrawal and right to opt-out

You may modify your preferences in your user profile in order to withdraw, in whole or in part, your consent to the collection, use or sharing of your information.

You may also withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us as set forth hereunder, subject to certain legal and contractual restrictions that may apply.

Should you withdraw your consent, your access to the functionalities of the Website and the App may be restricted and we may not be able to provide you with some services.

Moreover, if you choose to opt out of receiving promotional offers sent to you by email, Klutch Curling reserves the right to prevent you to use any free products and services. The reason for this is that such commercial electronic emails help making it possible for Klutch Curling to inform users of the additional features and advantages of subscribing to the paying services and to secure some source of revenues to continue providing its basic online services and products available for free. As such, all users will receive the same commercial electronic emails as Klutch Curling is not providing users with interest-based adverts, unless any users opts-out from receiving such emails. Should a user of the free services withdraw its consent from receiving such emails, then Klutch Curling may suspend or revoke the ability of such user to use its services since advertising plays an essential role in Klutch Curling’s business; conversely should a user of non-gratuitous services withdraws its consent then users shall be entitled to continue using such services provided that all payments due be made.

Users under legal age

We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of thirteen (13) years. For this reason, some features, such as the suggestion of training programs (“active training”), may not be available. If you are the parent of a child under 13 years of age and become aware that your child has provided personal information to Klutch Curling, please contact us as set forth hereunder and we will delete the information about your child.

Security and accuracy of your personal information

We take, and require our service providers to take, appropriate security measures based on the sensitivity of the information we collect and use. Although we cannot guarantee that there will never be a security problem, these security measures are aimed at protecting your personal information against loss and theft, as well as any unauthorized consultation, disclosure, reproduction, use or modification.

Despite the foregoing, you should keep in mind that no support or means including electronic support is completely secure. Cyber-attacks and other incidents may occur. You may also receive undesirable emails and invitations that looks like it is from Klutch Curling asking for personal information. In such a case, you must avoid responding to such email, as Klutch Curling will never request account password or financial information via emails. If you received or entered personal information in response to a suspicious email, pop-up or phony website claiming to be affiliated with Klutch Curling, please call us immediately by any of the means set forth below.

Furthermore, you are responsible for choosing a strong password (e.g. by avoiding using consecutive identical characters, and by including number as well as uppercase and lowercase letters) and for maintaining the security and confidentiality of their usernames and passwords.

Finally, we take reasonable measures to ensure that the personal information we have collected is accurate and comprehensive. However, you are responsible for notifying us of any change to your personal information for as long as you use our Website and/or App.

Retention of your personal information

We retain your personal information only for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected and to comply with legal requirements. To that end, Klutch Curling may retain personal information even after an account is deleted if reasonably necessary to comply with the law and prevent any contravention, to resolve disputes and to enforce this Privacy Policy.

Access, correcting and updating your information

You may access, correct and update at all times any personal information we collect, use and store about you.

You may change or update your personal information in your user profile by accessing your account through our Website and through the App.

You may request access to your personal information or request that your personal information be corrected when inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous by contacting us as set forth below.


Facebook data deletion instructions
Klutch Curling Login is a facebook login app and we do not save your personal data in our server. According to Facebook policy, we have to provide User Data Deletion Callback URL or Data Deletion Instructions URL.

If you want to delete your activities for Klutch Curling App, you can remove your information by following these steps:

1. Go to your Facebook Account’s Setting & Privacy. Click “Settings”
2. Look for “Apps and Websites” and you will see all of the apps and websites you linked with your Facebook.
3. Search and Click “Klutch Curling Login” in the search bar. 
4. Scroll and click “Remove”.
5. Congratulations, you have successfully removed your app activities.

If you want to delete all data collected by the App, such as user profile and information, contact us through the form that can be found at this address with your request and your username.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. You can tell if this Privacy Policy has changed by looking at the effective date appearing in its heading. We will always display such changes on our Website and on the App. Please consult the Privacy Policy regularly to be informed of any such changes. Please note that your continued use of the Website or the App will constitute acceptance of any amendments made to the Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with the amendments made to the Privacy Policy, you must immediately stop accessing or using our products, services and features and delete (or request the deletion of) your personal online account.

Governing Law

Klutch Curling operates the Website and the App in Canada, United States of America and Switzerland. Our privacy practices are governed by the laws of Canada which may differ from privacy laws in your jurisdiction. By submitting your personal information to us, you consent to the transfer of your personal information to and within Canada and to any other country, including the United States of America and Switzerland, and its use and disclosure in accordance with Canadian law and with this Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wish to withdraw your consent to the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal information or would like to access and/or correct your personal information, please contact  us at:

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