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Coach's Corner Live Episode 1: Curling Rock Lined Up in Front of your Hack Foot

Many of you have been asking for ideas on how you can use the Klutch Curling App to help you improve your game. Well you got it!

With our ChPC Coach, Martin Cavanagh, we are pleased to bring you the first episode of Coach's Corner Live.

Every week we will be showing you common delivery shots that curlers make, with a "Detect & Correct" interpretation from our professional coach. Martin will guide you through each shot using the Klutch Curling App's four key performance indicators in order to help you improve!

Watch our first episode below, all about what happens when you line up the rock in front of your hack foot!

For more information on how to interpret your shots using Klutch Curling, click here.

Have a shot you want us to review on Coach's Corner Live? Contact us!

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