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Coach’s Corner Episode 4: Unbalanced Grip vs. Balanced Grip

We’re out with episode 4 of Coach’s Corner Live!

In this episode ChPC Coach, Martin Cavanagh, shows the difference between a curler making a shot with an unbalanced grip (wrist low) versus a balanced grip (wrist high).

Martin explains that a possible consequence of having an unbalanced grip is setting the rock outside or off the line of delivery upon turning before release – this is due to the rock axis artificially being moved off center.

Looking at the Line of Delivery Screen of the Klutch Curling app, we can see this happen with the line drifting from side to side prior to release.

When comparing this shot with a balanced grip, the Line of Delivery screen of the app shows a delivery that is more uniform and therefore more likely consistent.

By using the Klutch Curling app you can identify your own unbalanced grip and learn to correct it!

Have a shot you want us to cover on Coach’s Corner Live? Send us an email and we’ll make it happen!

Download the app here.

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