How do our members download the app?

Members can go to the Klutch Curling download page on their mobile device, or find us by searching “Klutch Curling” in the App Store or on Google Play. Depending on the setup in your club, the members can either purchase an annual subscription for themselves OR if your club purchased the "Whole Club Option" then once your member creates an account, the club manager will give them their code.

How long will my batteries last?

The batteries should last you your whole season, once they die they will need to be replaced. Please see the battery installation guide to see how to replace them.

What colour/size is the sensor strip?

The sensor strip is 15’-4.572m for both the Back and Hog lines. The strips are white.

Is this technology coach approved?

We have worked carefully with the best in the sports and science industries to ensure that every component of Klutch technology is underpinned with empirical scientific methods and principles. Every part of the Klutch Platform, from the hardware, to the training program to the app itself, has been developed in collaboration with professional coaches.

How much does this cost?

For all pricing inquiries lease contact us at

Do clubs have to pay again next year or is it a one time fee?

The club's hardware is a one time cost. The App purchases (either individual or whole club options) are based on an annual subscription basis.

Is there a warranty on the rock modules?

We offer a current season warranty for all the products included in our Klutch Curling Installation Kit. If you have any issues, please contact us via our webpage or at

How will my club members identify a Klutch Curling Enabled Sheet?

In the Klutch Curling package you will receive an in ice logo. You’ll also receive marketing materials with rock stickers, table tents, and coasters. If you need additional marketing support, we’re just an email away.

What is the Whole Club Package?

With the Whole Club Package you make it easy for your members to use Klutch Curling. With this option your club would pre purchase the Klutch Curling App (at a sizable discount!) for all the membership. You will provide each member with a code, so all they have to do is download our app, create an account and they'll be all set to use the App.