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Improve Your Game with Klutch Curling

Ever wish your curling rock could tell you exactly how to accurately perfect your shot? The Klutch Curling app is designed to do just that. Klutch Curling monitors your development and tracks your performance by analyzing every shot you make. With an easy to use review of your game that logs your four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Rock Rotation (some functionality coming soon), Push/Pull, Line of Delivery, and Split Time (accurate to a hundredth of a second!). The Klutch Curling platform will help you improve these KPIs with every practice and game, all you need is your smartphone and a Klutch Enabled club and you’re ready to play.


Join a Klutch Enabled Curling Club

Klutch Enabled clubs will be able to provide their members with real time performance analysis through the app. Our cutting edge technology removes the guess work. Every player will be able to develop their game with perfect accuracy.

How it works

If your club is Klutch Enabled your app will be ready to go! Through a magnetic tape installed under your club’s ice and our specially designed Curling Modules, Klutch Curling is able to track your shot accurately and precisely. All you need is a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone and a Klutch Enabled club!


Why You Need Klutch Curling

Get the Klutch Curling advantage. Curlers who use the app will have a significant lead over those who don’t. With real time analysis of each shot you will be able to improve your game with precise strategies in a fun and interactive environment.


How to Download the Klutch Curling App 

The Klutch Curling app is available for download in your smart phone’s App Store and on the Google Play store.

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