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What is Klutch Curling?

The Klutch Curling app is designed to help your club members improve with each practice. Klutch Curling monitors each users’ development and tracks their performance by analyzing every shot they make. With an easy to use review of their game that logs your member’s four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Line of Delivery, Rock Rotation (some functionality coming soon), every Push/Pull, and Split Time (accurate to a hundredth of a second!) curlers who use the app will have a significant advantage over those who don’t.


Why Klutch Enable your Club?

Klutch Enabled clubs will be able to provide their members with real time performance analysis through the app, making your club more desirable to members. Through the installation of our magnetic tape, you will be able to offer top quality ice to your members by being able to know how it is performing over time and can be tested through the app immediately after pebbling. Our cutting edge technology removes the guess work. Every player will be able to develop their game with perfect accuracy.


How it Works

  • Klutch Curling Modules:

With the help of an easy to install and undetectable module placed under the handle of your curling rocks, each player’s phone will be connected through Bluetooth allowing the Klutch Curling app to detect their Split Time, Rock Rotation, Line of Delivery and Push/Pull of each shot.

  • Sensor Strip:

Through the simple installation of undetectable sensor strip under both the Back and Hog lines, the Klutch Curling app will be able to detect each player’s Split Time accurately.

  • Easy Installation:

We will provide you with step by step installation instructions to make it as simple as possible. Whether you are installing Klutch Curling when your ice goes in or mid-season, we’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through the process!

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